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Blockchain Application Case: Eliminating Hype

Original: Hackernoon , Author: Carl Lang, translation: CHAINEXT Entrepreneurs and blockchain developers have also been able to use a variety of new fundraising methods over the past few years. As a result, many are considering other options, such as initial exchange products (IEO) and more strictly regulated securities token products (STO). For some companies, traditional […]

Viewpoint | Cheng Xiaoming, "Godfather of the New Three Boards": What are the pain points of enterprises that can be solved by blockchain "chain reform"

Moderator: Mr. Cheng, you are praised by the industry as the "Godfather of the New Third Board". He has unique insights and in-depth theoretical research on the New Third Board, OTC markets, technology and finance. It is also the initiator of chain reform, so in what scenarios do you think it is necessary to do […]

What can a blockchain do for various companies?

Author: Olya Green, Taraxa 8 min read   The practicality of blockchain technology will depend on whether trusted intermediaries can bridge the gap between the digital world and the real world. -Harvard Business Review, 2019 When a company is fully deploying a new technology architecture, executives often ask the question: "How much does it cost?" […]

Blockchain changes production relations? Big data is not ready to serve as a means of production

Text | Interlink Pulse · Golden Car At a blockchain forum at the end of last year, Chen Weigang, supervisor of the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, proposed that big data is the means of production, artificial intelligence is the productivity, and blockchain is the production relationship. This conclusion has been widely recognized by the […]

How does blockchain help security on the tip of the tongue?

"People depend on food" is an eternal topic. Food is the most basic need for human survival, but food safety has a long history. More and more food safety issues, such as tainted milk powder, toxic takeaway, and trench oil, have been exposed. "We are still alive." Food safety at the national level has even […]

Interview | Weizhong Bank Blockchain Security Scientist: Strictly adhere to the privacy data red line, business innovation compliance

On March 24th, "Chain Talk" was fortunate to invite Dr. Yan Qiang, the blockchain security scientist of Weizhong Bank, as a guest chain live broadcast room. Let's discuss the topic of "strictly adhere to the red line of privacy data and business innovation compliance." Yan Qiang: ○ PhD in SMU Information Security, Winner of Best […]

Research | Blockchain opens a new chapter in health

On March 20th, "Chain Talk" was fortunate to invite Researcher Chen Shenghua of Huobi Blockchain Application Research Institute to share a lot of problems in the current medical field and how to effectively solve the problem with blockchain technology. Here's what to share: Chen Shenghua: Hello everyone, I am Chen Shenghua, a researcher at Huobi […]

Solana completes Dutch auction, raises $ 1.76 million

The blockchain project Solana 's launch auction on CoinList has raised $ 1.76 million, and its total fundraising has reached $ 25.6 million. The San Francisco-based startup aims to build a scalable layer 1 blockchain without the security risks similar to Sharding. With a solution called "Proof of History," the network provides proof of the […]

Blockchain application goes to the next city Shanghai court pilots blockchain technology

Source of this article: Client of People's Daily , original title "Using Blockchain, Time Superposition and Other Data Storage Technology, Shanghai Court Pilot Trial Record Reform" Author: Ju Yunpeng On the 23rd, the Shanghai Higher People's Court issued a notice to launch trial trial reforms in 10 courts in Shanghai. The trials began on April […]

How to invest in half? Where do companies go public? Where is the capital? Blockchain First Trader Decrypts For You | Babbitt Industry Lesson

Did you know that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are opportunities or traps in the eyes of traditional capital markets? On the evening of Monday (March 23), the second phase of the Babbitt Industry Class, "Financial Trap or Wealth Treasure? —— "Blockchain and Finance" Study Week officially opened. Zhang Li, vice president of Canaan Technology, took the […]