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Price moves against gold: is Bitcoin still a safe-haven asset?

Source: Carbon Chain Value (ID: cc-value) Author: River fish, Alice In recent weeks, gold has maintained a rising momentum and has continued to rise. Proponents of gold believe that reality has time and again proven the reliability of gold as a safe-haven asset, so if you really want to hedge, you should choose gold instead […]

Read the tree of life on Ethereum

Written by: Ryan Sean Adams, founder of cryptocurrency investment fund Mythos Capital, and editor-in-chief of Bankless Compile: Zhan Juan Source: Chain News When I was young, I liked turn-based strategy games, such as "Civilization". Have you ever played? You can start from the Stone Age hunting and gathering society. Your goal is to use resources […]

Blockchain donation system is useless because these issues are not taken into account

Text: Zhao Xuejiao Source: Zinc Link The slow redeployment of materials by the Wuhan Red Cross has aroused suspicion from the public. Combined with the characteristics of blockchain technology, cross-validation can be achieved, the difficulty of forging information is increased, and the credibility of the information on the chain is enhanced. The biggest advantage of […]

BTC additional issuance, BCH miners stole coins, a "hand-to-hand battle" among cryptocurrency camps

Since the birth of the crypto community, the debate has never stopped. After the BTC forks out of BCH in 2017 and the BCH forks out of BSV in 2018, the gunpowder smell among the crypto camps has also grown stronger, and the quarrel has also shifted from decent private places such as "Hong Kong […]

Technical Guide 丨 How to implement off-chain storage on HyperLedger Fabric

The author of this article is Deeptiman Pattnaik, a development engineer working on various software development projects: Android, Go, Node.js, MongoDB, PHP, JavaScript Beacon, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality. In this article, I will try to explain the importance of OffChain storage in Hyperledger Fabric and the application of offchaindata, which is an application built to […]

Chinese Computer Society | Discussion on Blockchain Frontier Technology: Performance, Security, and Applications

Author: Zhu Liehuang Source: Chinese Computer Society Editor's Note: The original title was "Blockchain Frontier Technology: Performance, Security, and Applications" Since Satoshi Nakamoto published the paper "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System" in 2009, the Bitcoin system and its underlying blockchain Technology has gradually attracted widespread attention worldwide. Blockchain technology has the characteristics of intermediary […]

Perspective | Bitcoin's Widespread Adoption Will Promote Friendly Policies by Regulators

Cryptocurrencies still face major challenges in adoption. Although most countries have laws and regulations to support the cryptocurrency industry, there are still many areas that need improvement in terms of the overall adoption of cryptocurrencies and use-case scenarios involving digital assets such as Bitcoin. (Image source: needpix ) In a recent interview, Dan Held, director […]

"Crypto Turkey" in attack: Or will it open the door to the crypto market for 1.8 billion Islamists worldwide?

Source: Digital Chain Rating Editor's Note: Original title was "Crypto Turkey on Attack" Turkey spans Eurasia, is surrounded by sea on three sides, the depth of the Black Sea in the north, the civilization of the Mediterranean in the south, and the romance of the Aegean in the west. There are also magnificent monuments and […]

Break the record again! Square Founder of Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Sells $ 178 Million Bitcoin

Square, a payments and mobile financial services company founded by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, released its fourth-quarter earnings report last night, including another quarterly record of bitcoin purchases. Square reported more than $ 178 million in bitcoin purchases in the fourth quarter. For the entire year of 2019, the payment company recorded a total of […]

What did the agreement war of 40 years ago have on the blockchain?

Source: Orange Book We are familiar with the successful business stories represented by Alibaba, Tencent and ByteDance. We know how WeChat, Taobao, and Douyin have become popular products for the whole people. These cases are within reach of consumers, and they have passed through their respective fields and eventually become an essential part of people's […]