BFX.NU Announces Platform Currency BFX Token Raises Repurchase Ratio to 50%

According to the official announcement of the futures platform BFX.NU, the platform raised the BFX Token repurchase ratio from 20% to 50%, which means that BFX.NU needs to spend 50% of the transaction fee income per month as the overall repurchase fund. At the same time, the platform also introduced a repurchase reserve mechanism to make the monthly repurchase investment scale equal to the average of the previous three months. It is reported that BFX Token is a platform equity certificate issued by BFX.NU. It adopts long-term deflation repurchase mode and is expected to be available in the BFX.NU currency trading zone in late July. The follow-on platform will also support BFX Token preferential rate deduction. Functions such as transaction fees will also be added to more mainstream trading platforms. Https://