EOS/ETH Dapp's average weekly transaction volume is declining

According to the big data monitoring of RatingDapp and RatingToken, the number of Dapps transactions in EOS/ETH/TRON three major public chain platforms in the past week is: EOS (28132431) ETH (817292); the transaction amount is: EOS (14,125,315.23EOS), ETH (280,395.59 ETH), TRON (12, 374, 906, 868.75 TRX). From the average transaction volume, the average transaction volume of EOS Dapp in the past week was 0.502EOS, down 7.38% from last week; the average transaction volume of ETH Dapp was 0.343ETH, down 20.55% from last week; TRON Dapp The average transaction volume was 796.156TRX, up 3.22% from the previous week.