Analysis: BTC computing power still has a tendency to increase, and the volume of transactions related to mainstream exchanges continues to grow.

According to TokenGazer data analysis, as of 17:00 on July 10, the BTC price is 12,939.97$, the market value is 231,558.22M, and the 24H BTC transaction volume of the mainstream exchange is about $2,703.0M, which is 15.84% higher than yesterday. In terms of computing power, BTC After calculating the new high in the year, the number of active addresses in the BTC chain has declined. In terms of market share, the market value of BTC has been relatively stable and fluctuating, currently about 63.1%. On the other hand, the intraday BTC/USD Coinbase changed the BTC/USD Bitfinex from a positive premium to a negative premium; in the futures, the BTC long and short open positions have a certain increase, and Bitmex shows that the BTC open daily volume is on an upward trend.