GoWithMi Heavyweight: Future Map Black Technology "Open Space AI Integration" Solution

As an indispensable application service in life, centralized map companies such as Google and Gaode have drawbacks such as terminal monopoly, slow location update, no privacy, and profits being swallowed up.


GoWithMi (Gaowei Earth) is committed to changing the status quo of the industry, driving map data crowdsourcing through the TOKEN mechanism, supporting multi-chain and digital twin rights economy, and creating a low-cost, high-quality, real-time global distributed map network. It can serve related industries such as sharing economy, O2O, and autopilot, which are highly dependent on maps, and lead the new era of distributed business.

On July 10, 2019, Li Dong, the founder of GoWithMi, was invited as a representative of the sea to attend the "WGDC2019 New Space Economy Era Summit" held today, and explained in detail the "Airspace AI Integration Solution." It is understood that the summit will bring together global space. Well-known experts and scholars in the geography industry, as well as industry giants such as Huawei, Alibaba, Didi, etc. During the speech, Li Dong presented the future map black technology "space-integrated solution", the main highlights are near-space aircraft and AI high-definition map acquisition hardware. It is reported that This program is the core technology to support the blockchain map, and has received the attention of representatives from Huawei and Siwei.


Li Dong explained, "The spacecraft is equipped with an artificial intelligence acquisition camera. The camera can reach the resolution of decimeter level, and the field of view covers 900 square kilometers. It can fly in the adjacent space (more than 20,000 meters in the stratosphere for more than 6 months). It can automatically identify building construction, road congestion, emergencies, etc. through on-board calculation. AI high-definition map acquisition hardware is deeply bound to the main DApp, users only need to fix hardware devices on the car, and the device can automatically identify and collect AI on the way. All the HD/SD map elements that have passed."