Bitcoin once broke through the $13,000 mark and rose 4.05% in 24 hours.

Bitcoin once broke through the $13,000 mark and rose 4.05% in 24 hours.

Bitcoin quickly rose today (July 10), with prices breaking through $13,000, reaching $13098, up 4.05% in 24 hours, and a market capitalization of $231.2 billion. According to the market, Bitcoin opened its uptrend channel at 8: 00 today, and the price began to show an upward trend from 12,543 US dollars. In 1 hour, it broke through the 12,600, 12,700, 12,800 and 12,900 US dollars, and the bullish power was highlighted.

After the stabilization of $12,900, Bitcoin continued to rise, and continued to test the $13,000 mark, and finally stood above $13,000 at 10:05, the highest since June 28. From the perspective of the entire cryptocurrency market, the rise in Bitcoin has not boosted other mainstream cryptocurrencies. According to the data, among the top ten mainstream cryptocurrencies, only the BSV showed a slight increase (up 1.61%), and other cryptocurrencies fell to varying degrees. As of press time, Bitcoin offers $13017, up 3.65% in 24 hours.

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