Analysis of the madman market on July 10: USDT will be destroyed after the protagonist of the coin.

Analysis of the madman market on July 10: USDT once again becomes the protagonist of the coin circle. It will be destroyed after madness!

Market analysis

Yesterday, a fan suggested it. "This market is not analyzed in addition to Bitcoin. There is no use of a bunch of useless values ​​every day." Although this is not very good, it is a fact. The newly printed USDT almost all entered Bitcoin, which means that after the USDT collapsed, only Bitcoin blew a huge bubble, and other mainstream currencies were safe. Don't ask me when I collapse, I don't know, maybe half a year, maybe three years, at least in the short term, still good.

Today's increase is not too small, the 12000 above the set of hard disk is basically liberated, not much can be said, still according to yesterday's 8 percent warehouse can be held, other mainstream coins are not too much to be fried, compensation It’s basically impossible to pay, you can hold it first, wait until there is a movement, let’s see it again.

Let's talk about a few changes. There are too many manipulations in the small currency. It is not excluded that it will be harvested in reverse, so it is for your reference only.


The mine currency of the fire coin, which went well today, hit a new high in the recent rebound. The profit of the big cake should be relatively high, so it gave birth to his continuous upward. After the breakthrough today, the market outlook is still expected to be shocked. the Lord.


ATP: This is not recommended to chase, it is a follower of the sub-new currency, it is also a supplement, and the estimated height will be limited.

OGO : Yesterday, I chased the high waist today, so the madman always said that playing the small coin is gambling. If you gamble wrong, you must be willing to play the gambling table. Yesterday, the turnover has reached nearly 10 billion according to the high point, so the madman gives everyone This top indicator is still forbidden.

The other few SGDs are followed by the big brother, and there is no rebound after the exclusion, but the difficulty of innovation is relatively high. There are two kinds of new currency speculations, one is shocking upwards, and then suddenly one day peaks and starts to fall back; the other is crazy rising every day, speeding up the summit, there is no more after seeing the top, the previous two masterpieces are: ATOM And TOP, you can refer to the sub-new currency in your hand.

Platform currency:

BNB: Continue to callback, the new callback space is either opened.

OKB : Ambush, this wave has not gone up, so the downside momentum is not big, or the shock is dominant.

HT: The high level is mainly shocked, and it is estimated that the innovation should be matched with the repurchase.

GT: The platform recently made a good IEO, and the money-making effect attracted a lot of traffic, because many investors bought the GT and gave birth to this round of rising. To ask the GT market, how can the platform continue to bring in new traffic? I didn't see too much gameplay on the platform currency. The logic of continuous rise was not clear, and it was still fluctuating upward.

There is nothing to say, Bitcoin is still the most profitable currency. Recently, I have paid more attention to some news about Tether. I try to hold as few USDT as possible. He is crazy to print money, and the value is gradually diluted. The recently issued 4 billion has already Let him fall back to 6.87 from around 7.1, and the short position lost nearly 5%.

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