Cangzhou: "Blockchain + Supply Chain Finance" helps solve the financing difficulties and financing problems of SMEs

On July 10th, Cangzhou City, Sichuan Province will use the scientific model of “blockchain + supply chain finance” to broaden the financing channels of supply chain enterprises in Cangzhou City, alleviate the problems of financing difficulties and financing, and help Xinzhou's new development of science and technology finance. Most of the supply chain enterprises in Ganzhou City belong to the supply chain management, and there are problems such as insufficient funds, and it is difficult for the industrial chain to form a closed loop. Combining blockchain with supply chain finance, we can use the characteristics of blockchain data authenticity, sharing and tamper-proof to understand the true trade background between enterprises and alleviate the information asymmetry between banks and other financial institutions and SMEs. Solve the problem of financing difficulties and financing for SMEs.