Demystifying the virtual currency "killing pigs" live broadcasts for a month and eight days to go all the way

"I don't stock up, don't call again!" After hanging the harassing call, Zhang Bo in Guangzhou's home seemed to be a little excited, saying: "Now I don't want to listen to these calls!" A few months ago, Zhang Bo was After answering a phone call for recommended stocks, he was stepped into the quagmire of virtual currency scams, not only taking out savings, but even borrowing money from friends who had not been in contact for many years, just thinking that Bo could earn some “pension fees”, but Unexpectedly, at the end of June, "100,000 yuan a night evaporated."

More than 200 people, such as Vincent and Mr. Li, who are scattered at the same time, are scattered throughout the country, but their experiences are exactly the same: first, they are dragged into the WeChat group by strangers, and they continue to watch the stock market teaching within one month. Live broadcast, build trust with the "teachers", and then be drawn into the investment "private disk." Under the guidance of the “teacher”, their funds were invested in virtual currency transactions and eventually disappeared with the “teachers”…

The deceived people who suddenly realized that the "teacher" never showed their face, except for WeChat, did not leave any contact information. Recently, Zhang Bo and others have reported to the police, police in Guangzhou, Foshan and other places have filed for investigation. In response to the recent frequent virtual currency fraud cases, many police in the country have issued reminders on the Internet: netizens add friends to pull you into stocks, virtual currency investment groups recommend you to transfer investment is fraud!

"Tutor" free live broadcast recommendation

One day in April, Zhang Bo suddenly received a strange phone call, claiming to be free to recommend stocks and teach stocks. Zhang Bo, who has been trading stocks for more than four years, but lost some money because of the market problem, holding the idea of ​​trying it out, added the other's WeChat.

Zhang Boxian was pulled into a WeChat group and was quickly "divided" into a WeChat group. The administrator in the group gave him a link. After you open it, just enter your mobile phone number and the password provided by the administrator, and you can enter a live room called "It's quite good."

During the stock opening hours and every night from 19:30 to 21:30, the live broadcast will open. Although the live broadcast has the voice of "teacher", it has never seen people, only teaching PPT and the teacher's own investment record. The audience can communicate with the teacher through the dialog box in the live room.

The teacher in the live room will recommend the high-quality stock of the day, and directly guide the stockholders to buy at a few points, when to sell. "The 'instructions' he gave were very straightforward." Mr. Zhao Qing, who was also pulled into the live broadcast room, did not believe these so-called recommendations at first. However, after a few days of observation, Mr. Lu found that the stocks recommended in the live room did have a certain "value."

"Follow them, although they don't earn much, they can basically have two or three points of income. Sometimes they are not allowed to fall a bit, but the whole is still earned." Mr. Lu said. Mr. Li of Changsha, Hunan, also told reporters that the individual stocks recommended by the live broadcast have also experienced a daily limit, so they are attracting more and more retail investors to join, up to 15,000.

Soon, Zhang Bo, Lu, Mr. Li and others have become loyal "fans" in the live broadcast. The two "investment teachers" in the live broadcast room, Chen Wei'an and Zhang Shuntian, claim to be privately-owned companies in Shanghai. They mainly do the lottery control, and teach the "selling money nine" and "zhangtian ruler" stocks skills to make them feel professional and helpful. .

Mysterious "private disk"

On June 9, Zhang Shuntian told Zhang Bo and others that during his inspection tour in Taiwan, he obtained internal information from a large enterprise – the BHTC development plan. BHTC is a kind of “bitcoin-like” virtual currency. It will be listed on the global market on June 10 with 80 million shares. The issue price is 0.14 US dollars (1 yuan). It has already obtained private placement strategy, and then there will be other funds. Multiple rounds of capital injection. On June 12, Zhang Shuntian demonstrated the process of buying the Bitniu (Mobile APP) trading platform on the live platform and bought it in bulk with 5 million yuan of personal funds. At 9:25 on the 12th, BHTC has risen to $0.58, which is equivalent to more than four times in two days.

Zhang Bo told reporters that the trading platform APP used by BHTC can be obtained through the investment assistant in the WeChat group. After the funds are injected, the purchase and transaction can be made inside, but each time the capital injection is transferred to a private account or company. Account.

Just when some investors were still suspicious, Chen Wei'an first came out to "question", but a few days later he announced in the live broadcast that he "buy BHTC" and even "purchase records."

The wife suddenly proposed to buy virtual currency, which caused Vincent's vigilance in the technical work in Baiyun District. Vincent searched the Internet for a long time and didn't have any information about BHTC coins. "And it's still a direct transfer of money to a private third-party account. Is this going to be a scam?" Vincent told his wife.

The soaring BHTC currency, as well as the trust established in January, eventually impressed Vincent’s wife, who bought 1,500 BHTC coins on a small scale.


The "teacher" suggested that investors take out the money in the stock and gradually put it into the BHTC – Mr. Li will transfer all the stocks in the stock to 2.67 million yuan.

Vincent still remembers that in the days when he invested in BHTC coins, his wife often said that he was "up again." After sending the children to school, the account number is a few thousand dollars, and the meal is made, and it has risen several thousand… If you invest more, can you earn more? Such impulses have made them more cautious in purchasing funds.

In 8 days, from $0.58 to more than $7, the capital of many investors has directly doubled. But the good dreams were immediately shattered: at 10 am on June 19, the BHTC coins had risen to nearly $8, and Mr. Lu injected another 128,000 yuan. At 12 o'clock noon, the BHTC coin plunged from $7.90 to a sudden “dive” to $0.12. There was very little left of the 540,000 funds invested by Mr. Lu.

Subsequently, Chen Wei’an said in the live broadcast room and WeChat group that “it is necessary to use three days to save the market”, and even said “to prevent the news leakage, to dissolve the WeChat group, suspend the live broadcast, and wait until the evening of the 21st to re-launch”.

Soon, Zhang Bo, they were all cleared out of the live room. They suddenly realized that the people they had always trusted did not reveal their faces from beginning to end and did not leave a phone number. On the evening of the 21st, Zhang Bo held a few expectations to stay in front of the phone on time. It’s just a familiar picture in the live room, but it’s never happened…

Vincent combed the BHTC coin scam from start to finish and sent it to the Internet. Soon, netizens who were deceived everywhere contacted him. When everyone kept bringing together the information, the whole picture of the scam gradually surfaced: in the early stage, they were deliberately dispersed into the WeChat group. The teachers and assistants who are connected to them in each group have the same name, but the micro-signals are different. Only Chen Wei'an alone has at least 15 micro-signals. The trading platform APP that was previously used for investment has not been opened.

At present, the victims have reported and received receipts in Guangdong, Shanghai, Shandong, Hubei and other places. Some people have obtained notification letters from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Pingdu, Jingzhou and other public security departments.

Police: It is recommended to transfer money to invest in virtual currency.

In response to this scam, the police, including Guangzhou, Shijiazhuang and Fushun, recently issued “emergency notifications” on the Internet. Guangzhou Yuexiu Public Security, Shijiazhuang police clearly stated on Weibo: Netizens and friends pull you into stocks, virtual currency investment groups recommend you to transfer investment is fraud!

In March of this year, Zhejiang Jinhua police also reported a similar case – "PCE" virtual currency platform trading. According to the "Jinhua Daily" report, in October last year, after receiving a self-proclaimed securities customer service call, the victim was pulled into a stock exchange group and entered the live broadcast to learn stock picking knowledge. As the course progressed further, the teachers in the live broadcast gradually introduced the blockchain concept to guide students to purchase “PCE coins” on the platform for virtual digital currency transactions. Under the attack that the virtual currency has doubled and the "teachers" have been successively connected, the victims have invested more and more. Then on December 25 last year, "PCE coins" plummeted 94% in just two minutes, and the "teachers" disappeared.

Jinhua police investigated that the digital currency of "PCE" was only a fictional "cotton currency" and was not issued on the public blockchain. Investors seem to be trading real money on the platform, which is actually a string of numbers that the behind-the-scenes manipulator randomly adds to the platform back-end database. In fact, the funds invested by investors have long been pocketed by the behind-the-scenes manipulators.

Expert: "BHTC" coins are altcoins born for fraud

For this case, Mai Xiannong, CEO of Foshan Kung Fu World Culture Development Co., Ltd., who is engaged in the blockchain industry, believes that this is a scam that is not needed for basic blockchain technology.

Mai Xiannong told reporters that the virtual currency is a derivative of the blockchain technology and is a reward for contributing to the application of the blockchain. The formal virtual currency should be built on the public chain. The public chain has the following characteristics: consensus mechanism, open source, and decentralization.

Mai Xiannong said that the "BHTC" coin was only a fictional "cotton currency" and was not issued on the public blockchain. “The organizer is the first excuse that the domestic cannot directly purchase the BHTC virtual currency, let the investors transfer the money to their private account, and then give the investor the fake assets to 'purchase' the virtual currency. But in fact, the investor sees the market. ', are the virtual operations of the other party through the software, not real." Mai Xiannong said.

Lawyer: Non-profit protection through overseas exchanges is not protected by law

What are the regulations for China for bitcoin transactions?

It is understood that in 2013, the People's Bank of China and other five ministries and commissions jointly issued the "Notice on the Prevention of Bitcoin Risk" and the 2017 Announcement of the People's Bank of China and other seven ministries and commissions on the prevention of financing risks of token issuance are clear, bitcoin It is a specific virtual commodity. All financial institutions and payment institutions are not allowed to carry out business related to Bitcoin. No organization or individual may illegally engage in token issuance financing activities.

The "Announcement" also states that any so-called token financing trading platform shall not engage in the exchange business between legal tender and tokens, "virtual currency", and may not buy or sell or act as a central counterparty to buy or sell tokens or "virtual currency". Pricing, information brokerage, etc. may not be provided for tokens or “virtual currency”.

Wang Yi, a senior partner of the Chinese business law firm, said that “virtual currency exchanges” conduct virtual currency trading in China, individuals use virtual currency to trade, and individuals and organizations engage in token financing and issuance activities are prohibited by the state. Individuals who use the “virtual currency exchanges” to conduct speculative and investment in ICO projects are also not supported by the state. If investors suffer property losses, they can only be at their own risk.

In response to this incident, Wang Yi believes that from the perspective of criminal motives, the criminals initially designed the scam to defraud the investors' money for the purpose of illegally occupying the investor's property. It is a possibility of fraudulent acts and is suspected of fund-raising fraud. . Although the criminals in this case carried out fraudulent activities in the name of securities companies, they were actually gangs composed of natural persons, and it was more likely to be considered as an individual criminal act.

Source: Southern Network

Author: WASHINGTON all media reporter Chen Yu