MATPool new official website online

Recently, MATPool officially launched the new official website. Content: The homepage has added “full network computing power”, “current currency price”, “day theoretical income”, etc. In addition, “revenue calculator” has been added to facilitate miners to calculate revenues more easily and assess risks; : Re-planning and layout of the main functional modules and contents of the website, mainly divided into "mining account", "PoW mining", "node mining", "information bar", "account center", convenient for users for the first time Identification and positioning to meet the needs; design: around the "because of professionalism beyond the brand positioning", the site uses a new design visual style, with a deep blue color, calm atmosphere. The homepage provides the main access information for mining calculations, and provides users with humanized and friendly guidance. MATPool is based on the professional attitude of excellence, providing you with a high-quality experience of fast access, high returns and good service for your miners. Welcome to experience,