Cangzhou Development and Reform Commission: Cangzhou City takes the lead in launching the ticket chain business in the country to solve the financing difficulties of SMEs

According to the official website of the Ganzhou Municipal Government, on July 10, the Zhangzhou Development and Reform Commission issued an article "Zhuzhou City actively promotes the high-quality development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt." The article pointed out that Zhangzhou City pays close attention to the construction of ecological civilization and actively cultivates new kinetic energy for economic growth. The development of modern finance, blockchain chain national monitoring and operation management center settled in Zhangzhou City, started the construction of Zhangzhou blockchain financial industry sandbox garden, 24 enterprises entered the park, registered capital of 50 million yuan. In the country, the first to launch the ticket chain business to solve the financing difficulties of SMEs, the Enterprise Roadshow Center authorized by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has settled in the M&A Fund Park, which is the first non-provincial city in the country.