Market analysis: the next kill or unsustainable, the market continues to fluctuate with a high probability

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said at a hearing of the House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday that he should not be allowed to introduce the cryptocurrency Libra until Facebook elaborates on how to deal with a range of regulatory issues. Powell said that if he is not satisfied with the way Facebook handles money laundering, it cannot allow it to move on.

Recently, the Office of the Attorney General of New York released a report on the illegal issuance of securities by Bitfinex and Tether. The hearing of the case is scheduled to be held on July 29, and a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Commercial Bank revealed on Wednesday that it has requested to close Tether and its subsidiaries. Account, this account is not commonly used.

Affected by multiple news sources, today's cryptocurrency market is almost completely annihilated. The major mainstream currencies except Bitcoin are almost completely broken, but the irony is that we have seen the stock price of US stocks Facebook not fall, but have since rebounded. The new high is already close to the highest level in history, and the BTC has a panic-type plunge. Is it ironic? BTC received a Yinxian thread wearing a broken foot, and a large number of positions on both sides of the long and short sides were exploded. It is recommended that you do not need to play the contract, and the spot is the main road.


From the daily level, BTC's lowest point in this round hit around $1,1500, followed by a rapid pull back to $12,000, and did not fall below 5 antennas. The moving average system still maintains long positions, macd indicator bonding For the time being, the ducks have not yet formed a divergence, and they have not broken the middle rail position of the boll line. The bulls still have the initiative. The most critical point is currently around $12,400. If you can successfully stand back to the point, you can After the dishwashing, the market will continue to test the high point of $13,960. If it breaks down to $11,500, it will need to lighten up. I personally prefer the first possibility.


Due to the collective collapse of the market, ETH changed from the shape of the head and shoulders to the box shock, and the high point on July 9 was much lower than the high point on June 30, and a negative line directly penetrated the middle of the boll line. Track, hit the position of the lower rail, sideways shock, macd index duck mouth diverged downward, a negative line penetrated a number of moving averages, the weakness is full, the lower edge of the target box is around 280 US dollars, observe this point If the position can be effectively supported, if it cannot be effectively supported, it will turn down the box.


In theory, the progress of Facebook's project is not smooth for the target is a good, but the market does not seem to interpret this, XRP is still following the market to quickly kill, almost fell today's gains, and returned to the starting point, now we If you are faced with a very embarrassing question, do you want to recognize people who are shrugging? XRP yesterday closed a negative line, although the volume has been enlarged, but obviously not as big as the previous waves, indicating that the point is less than once, and personally think that the adjustment of the target may be in one step, then there will be one Anti-draw triangles to sort out the opportunity of the lower track. If you stand back again, the assumption is established, and it will create a new high of rebound. If you can't stand back, you need to clear the position.


After the BNB sideways oscillated for many days, it still followed the market selection and fell below the channel line on the flag-shaped flag. However, it did not kill a long Yinxian line like other mainstream varieties, and the transaction volume was not effectively enlarged. Focusing on shocks, it should be noted that if it is a downward breakthrough, it may use Changyan to break through the support of 30 US dollars. If it falls below 30 US dollars, the large-scale adjustment will be carried out, paying attention to risks.

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