Do DApp with a smartphone, Samsung releases blockchain development kit

Samsung released a series of tools earlier today that would make it easier for developers to build decentralized applications (DApps) on their Galaxy S10 smartphones at a lower cost—only supporting the Ethereum blockchain. The move further proves that the electronics giant favors Ethereum rather than other blockchains.


The new SDK (Software Development Kit) will bring more developers to Samsung's Galaxy line of smartphones, which have been upgraded accordingly. Samsung's other series of smartphones will support Ethereum development in the near future.

Samsung said developers will be better able to manage blockchain accounts, streamline transactions, use real-time encrypted exchange rates to more easily estimate costs, and provide payment gateways for cryptocurrency transfers.

To use this payment solution, DApps need to access the Samsung keystore, a device-level private key storage system placed in its security layer Knox. The company explained that the new SDK now "not only links users to the Samsung key repository, but also links users to external cold wallets."

The electronics giant has released tools for mobile DApp development, which is good news for Ethereum. But the company's smartphone business's support for the world's second-largest blockchain has not yet extended to many other blockchains.

In April of this year, Samsung executive Moritz von Widekind said that the company's blockchain platform has its own consensus algorithm, but also adopted the HyperLedger and Ethereum agreements. He added that the latter would be used in situations where smart contracts are needed, such as protecting the artist's music copyright.

Samsung’s announcement on its blockchain SDK lacks specific details, so Ethereum developers don’t seem to respond too much.


This final version of the SDK will be released by the end of 2019. At the same time, developers from Canada, South Korea and the United States can work with Samsung to use the current beta.

Samsung launched the Galaxy S10 in February this year, which includes a cryptocurrency wallet that supports Ethereum and ERC20 tokens, but support for DApp development is limited.

At the time of launch, this wallet only supports four DApps: Enjin, the encryption game platform, Cosmee, the collection platform CryptoKitties, and the merchant payment service CoinDuck.

At the same time, there are news that Samsung is developing its own cryptocurrency.