Bank of China Ningbo Branch successfully realized the first blockchain of the entire jurisdiction of the Forfeiting trading platform business

Recently, the Bank of China Ningbo Branch and the Bank of China Suzhou Branch jointly launched the first blockchain fortune trading platform business. The successful completion of this business marks a new breakthrough in the trade finance business of the bank in the application of blockchain technology. At present, the bank has made six domestic certificates for the Forfeiting business through the platform, with a total amount of 370 million yuan. The blockchain Forfeiting trading platform is a cross-bank Forfeiting trading platform jointly developed by the bank and its peers based on blockchain technology and alliance chain. The platform implements business documents and information transmission through blockchain technology application, which can realize multi-scenario and full-process transactions such as pre-inquiry, asset release and quotation, and realizes business information security, transaction process standardization, quotation bargaining marketization, and transaction negotiation. The integration of landing has further enhanced Forfaiting's transaction efficiency and asset security.