My Dash Wallet online wallet malicious script exposure, tens of millions of digital assets stolen

According to the Weiwei Security Lab, recently, some users reported that DASH coins worth millions of RMB were maliciously stolen. According to the information provided by the user, the Research Institute of the Dimensional Security Lab found that the My Dash Wallet online wallet page was embedded with a malicious script that uploaded key information such as the user's DASH account balance, keystore or private key, and seeds to https:/ / In addition, the hacker also uploaded a plugin with a malicious script in the greasemonkey oil monkey script forum. Once the plugin is installed, when the user accesses the online wallet, the user's DASH coin related key will be stolen. According to preliminary statistics, hackers have stolen tens of millions of RMB worth of assets in this way. The Dimensional Security Lab recommends that users stop using My Dash Wallet online wallet to avoid loss of assets.