LGame's core partner Egretia successfully logged into the Firecoin Global Station motherboard

On July 10th, Beijing time, LGame's core partner Egretia (EGT) won the voting title in the overwhelming advantage of the Firecoin FastTrack and successfully logged into the main board of the Firecoin Global Station. In LGame's first game, "Giant", EGT (Egretia) is a perfect match with "Giant" in the form of game eco-pass, and EGT has become a popular concern in 2019. One of the cards. In the future, LGame will work with Egretia to bring more high-quality blockchain games to players around the world. LGame is formed by a group of blockchain enthusiasts from Taiwan and geeks who are proficient in blockchain technology. It is committed to building a global ecosystem operation system, creating a tens of millions of user ecosystems and providing better games for different platform users. Experience.