Wave field super community running road funds totaled 650 million TRX inflows from the exchange yesterday

According to PeckShield Digital Asset Escort System (AML) data, the main wave address of the “wave field super community” has recently transferred funds frequently. Since yesterday, a total of 651,583,193 TRXs have flowed into multiple exchanges, worth RMB 126 million. Among them, there were 525,937,816 TRXs flowing into the currency, 119,157,864 TRXs flowing into the fire, and very few of them flowed into the Bitfinex exchange. PeckShield security personnel further analyzed and found that a total of 675 million TRX funds had been frozen by the fire coins. In order to avoid tracking and freezing, the intensive transfer behavior in the past two days has multiple addresses scattered and interchanged. At present, there are still billions of TRXs in the wave field super community that exist in multiple addresses, and there is a possibility of further flow to the exchange. In view of the frequent incidents of project-side roads, PeckShield reminds users to pay attention to identifying projects, carefully participate in investment, and avoid loss of digital assets. At the same time, it is urged that major exchanges should do address marking to help freeze the inflow in time. Dirty money.