8BTCCI index components are regularly adjusted (July 2019)

On July 11, 2019, the Babbitt Composite Index (8BTCCI) completed monthly regular adjustments. Considering factors such as market capitalization and trading volume (weighted average), the adjusted 8BTCCI index in July excludes ICX, HOT, LSK, ZRX, BTS, BCD, REP and increases ATOM. According to QKL123 data, the number of Tokens in the 8BTCCI index was reduced from the original 38 to 31 in July. The sum of the weights of the top ten Tokens of the adjusted 8BTCCI index in July was 93.58%, of which the weights of BTC and ETH were 51.48% and 14.66%, respectively, and the weights of the remaining Tokens were below 7%. 8BTCCI was released on December 7, 2018, with reference to the Nasdaq Composite Index. 8BTCCI comprehensively considers Token's circulation market value and transaction amount to select the most representative Token in the entire market. The index component is reviewed once a month and the index component Token is adjusted based on the audit results.