Analysis of the madman market on July 11: the double-short market giant earthquake capital aspirations enhance

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Today, the currency has set the minimum order amount for bitcoin transactions from 0001 to 00001. I really hope that in the lifetime of life, it can be adjusted to 00000001, so that bitcoin is really valued by "Cong".

No matter how fast bitcoin falls, the madman is not flustered at all. Even if it falls from 20,000 to 3,000, it feels that it is a good opportunity to set a position and increase the position. I don’t know if this decline will give us another bend. If you give the opportunity to overtake the car, you must grasp it.

At present, more than 15,000 merchants in the world have accepted bitcoin payment. The currency that is jointly recognized does not need to worry that he is worthless. Because you sell it, someone will buy it, but some people think that he is worth 5,000 people think he is worth 50,000. Different people will choose to hold at different prices.

Bitcoin has gone out of a 15% retracement from yesterday to today. This fall after the big rise means that the weekly level adjustment is coming, the daily line has gone out of the standard double top form, and today the decline is very good. The funds are very resolute, so the probability of re-innovation in the short term is relatively low. Everyone must be prepared for a hard time. Overnight, the Fed announced that the rate of interest rate cuts in July was 97.2%. Gold stocks rose sharply. This time, Bitcoin did not move, but chose to go down independently.

Therefore, the madman believes that the major negative interest in the currency circle has caused the market to plummet. However, this kind of sudden negative will often rebound. The short-term support is in the 10800 area. Now (11400) still has no signs of stopping, and rebounded to 12000 after receiving support. Consider reducing the position nearby.


Yesterday, the madman was lazy and did not analyze the mainstream. The result was directly stunned. Most of the mainstream plunged more than 20% in two days. The holders can be described as heavy losses. This trend of no money-making effect can’t be called a bull market. At best, it is a personal bull market. In addition to Bitcoin, the mainstream currency has barely risen in the past month, and when Bitcoin fell sharply, it all followed suit. It was caused by the lack of financial support and participation. It was completely guided by panic.

ETH short-term support 260, it is difficult to stop falling effectively at present, the pie to the 10800 support level to consider the rebound.


A little did not rise, but also did not fall less, this is the strong Hengqiang, the weak is weak, 0.28 this position is stared, to fall below, open a new downside.


Yesterday fell, the funds have started to take the bottom of the market, the overall is still linked to the pie, ultra-short-term may lead the first rebound.


These two days fell directly by 30%, and the decline was a bit too fierce. Looking at this posture, there should be a large number of futures, and the short-term risks after the collapse will be reduced, and the rebound will also be reduced. Faster than other currencies.


It is also a sharp drop, but unlike the logic of BCH's sharp decline, most of the EOS is small, so it is a panic-stricken fall. After the panic is over, the rebound will be greater than other mainstream currencies, so wait for the rebound and then consider Cut the meat.


Short-term support of 0.06, there should be a small rebound in this position.


Directly broken, the amount is not large, wait for a rebound, see if you can stand back to 0.03.


The platform coin leader began to accelerate the callback. His preemptiveness to the market is still very obvious. The first round of bitcoin adjustment before the first round of the round, BNB did not effectively rebound before the second impact of Bitcoin, but continued to fall. This is the role of platform currency as a leading indicator.

Analysis of the madman market on July 11: Double-short market huge earthquakes

OK and HT have not withstood, relatively speaking, the risk of this position is lower, do not kill, wait for a rebound.

The small currency does not talk, and the sharp decline does not kill. Although the medium-term adjustment is basically established, there will be a rebound process after the sudden fall. After the rebound, go to lighten up the position. The day before yesterday, follow the madman’s 12000-12300 plus position. Bounce back to around 11800 and consider the stop loss to come out halfway. If the short-term position is wrong, stop the loss immediately and continue to hold the long-term position.

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