Beyond the original chain: In the entire system of Bystack, the value of the Bym main chain of the PoW consensus is to create and destroy value.

On the evening of July 11th, Zhong Lifei, the director of the original chain technology operation, shared an interview with the evolution of the Eagles on the dynamics of the Bystack system and the original chain. He said that Staking is only a part of Bystack. In the entire Bystack system, the two coexist, the main chain is still PoW, and the side chain uses the Staking mechanism. From the perspective of the entire economic system, all the value is actually transferred from the main chain to the side chain. The main chain PoW mining is still the only way to generate BTM. In the whole system of Bystack, it is also the Bytom main chain of PoW consensus. To create and destroy value. In addition, Zhong Lifei also said that the second competition than the original chain global developer is in the hot stage. The results of the finals of the contest will be decided in San Francisco, USA on August 24th. The second session will be held concurrently with the original global developer conference, and there will be heavyweight guests.