Bitcoin profit-taking, no systemic risk

Last night, the US Dow Jones index hit another record high, the Nasdaq index fell slightly, Facebook fell slightly, the Dow Jones index is an industrial index, most of which are industrial enterprises. The current market seems to have returned to the traditional field, led by Trump. The Republican Party represents the interests of workers with rust belts. The Republican Party usually chooses to wage war to seek benefits for the workers of the rust belt. The cannons are full of gold, but after all, the traditional industries are constrained by demand, and growth is not sustainable. Initiating wars to increase demand, and ultimately capital will still have to return to the virtual industry, and the cryptocurrency market represented by bitcoin will not fall. BTC Fed chairman reiterated concerns about libra, cryptocurrency market fell again, BTC fell below the low formed yesterday, the rest of the mainstream currency did not hit a new low, the recent BTC has been significantly stronger than other targets, but this The second BTC's active killing did not bring everyone into the ditch. There may be a small rebound in the short-term, paying attention to the pressure around $11,500. After this point, it can rebound to the next target of $11,800, a continuous drop. It is bound to cause an extension of the adjustment cycle, unless it is how to go up again, but in the current market environment, this assumption seems to be unfounded. I personally think that the rebound may be dominated by other currencies, and BTC may no longer be strong. , there will be a certain style switch.

ETH ETH has fallen below the bottom of the box to support the $ 280 support, very weak, after the new low there may be a counter-pushing 280 US dollars pressure, observe whether you can stand up to 280 dollars, if you can not stand 280 within three days If the US dollar is broken, the target should go down with a downward N-shaped structure. According to the calculation of the same length, the target should stop at the next support level of 225 US dollars. If it successfully returns to 280 US dollars, it will maintain the box vibration judgment. .

XRP XRP has already retreated all the gains this year. From the one-hour time-sharing chart, it can be seen that the target has tested the support around $0.31 three times in a row, and failed to penetrate the point three times, indicating that point. The support of the position is effective. In fact, there has been no increase in the target. There is no profit-making disk. Normally, it is only a panic. Most of them are cut meat dishes. I personally think that the rebound of the target may be triggered at any time. The first target is near the lower rail of the triangle, and the point on the heavy-duty station can hit a new high. It will continue to oscillate and find a support, and it will fall below the support of 0.31 US dollars and wait and see.

BNB BNB is about to unlock the lock immediately. The target has too many profitable discs. As the so-called gentleman does not stand under the dangerous wall, we have been emphasizing the risk of the target. Now the target has penetrated on June 4th. The low point, the whole trend shows the flare amplification, as we mentioned before, if the target is to fall below the 30-dollar support, it will adopt the method of Changyin, and now it has reached the support of 30 dollars, supporting Change the pressure and observe whether you can stand for 30 dollars in three days. If you can't stand back, the big level adjustment will start soon, pay attention to the risk.

The author's point of view is only used for learning communication, not as an investment recommendation, and does not constitute an investment basis!

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