Blockchain Institute Announces Participation in the Bystack Consensus Node Campaign

The Blockchain Learning Society announced that it will participate in the Bystack Consensus node campaign and will contribute to the Bystack Ecology in terms of knowledge sharing, community building, DApp ecology, and branding. Bystack is a business solution for Bytom. Bystack uses the Bytom backbone as the unified Layer1, which can be connected to different Layer 2 sidechains according to different business scenarios. Layer1 is responsible for issuing and destroying assets, guaranteeing decentralization, and Layer 2 sacrifices part of the decentralization to greatly improve transaction efficiency and is responsible for running large-scale commercial applications. Established in January 2017, Blockchain Research Institute (ChainClub) is a well-known blockchain learning and entrepreneurial community in China. It is a professional public chain node operator and is committed to becoming an accelerator for public chain ecological development. The community has 100 blockchain system courses with more than 30,000 members in 30 branch sites around the world. Its main high-quality interview column "Ask the Blockchain" has been widely praised in the industry.