Li Lin evaluates the BNB destruction plan: the cow's cowhide, but also the company's fundamental support

Babbitt News, July 12, in response to "Coin's completion of the eighth BNB quarterly destruction, and abandon the BNB share held by the team", the founder of the fire coin Li Lin said in the WeChat group, "meaning, circulation No matter, directly destroy the team's hands, that is to say, there is no need to buy back, according to the data directly from the reserved deduction, if this program is considered good, it is very good. Every quarter reduced hundreds of millions of repo Cost." He also pointed out, "Let's start a vote. If everyone thinks that this plan is better, we will implement it immediately. Look at it, the amount of money destroyed in this quarter is about 50% of the fire. The other is not much. Said, a listed company, every day PR itself is arrogant, but it is not to make money, LeTV is the most typical. The cow's cowhide, but also the company's fundamental support."