Compared with the original chain CFO Li Zongcheng: more than 60 institutions and individuals have participated in the election than the original chain Bystack consensus node

Babbitt reported on the scene that on July 12th, the "Bystack Flint Plan – Consensus Node Recruitment Global Bank" event was held in Shenzhen. Compared with the original chain CFO Li Zongcheng in the sharing of the "Bystack Staking program", the company started the global recruitment on June 5th than the original Bystack consensus node. At present, more than 60 organizations and individuals have participated in the campaign. The number of nodes approved for review is 51. “Our node applicants include exchanges, wallets, node mines, investment institutions, etc., very diverse. Fire Coin Pool, Cobo Wallet, Bitt, BEPAL, HashQuark, Danhua Capital, BTC .com, etc. have been added. These communities will promote the promotion than the original chain on their own platforms, and it will promote the ecological development of the original chain to a greater extent.” He also pointed out that even if community users hold a small amount of BTM, they can pass Vote for participation in ecological construction. Currently, early bird voting has reached 100 million BTM.