Bitcoin out of the cross star, the fall relay or reverse the rebound?

Yesterday evening, the market had a lot of money to intervene, and a lot of coins were released, and a long lower shadow line was received. The market has stabilized. Therefore, I propose a short-term bargain-hunting strategy and focus on the more serious BCH and EOS. Short-term bargain-hunting believes that you can get good returns, but you should learn to accept it.

Today, bitcoin has come out of a cross-shaped form, and it has repeatedly fluctuated, indicating that both long and short sides have reached equilibrium, but only a short-term balance, and then will open the duel again.

In my strategy yesterday, I mentioned the pattern of falling relays. Today's trend is like this trend. Look at other currencies, although the increase is good, but for the first two days of the big Yinxian, it is not enough to see, the market is short and more attractive, trying to find a replacement.

Therefore, under this trend, you must not make a decision in the bottom, and you must make a decision in time. When you rise, you don't be greedy, you don't fear when you fall, so you can survive in the market.

I believe that many people sold their chips at the floor price yesterday, and then they can rush into the bottom when they see the rise. This is a typical leek. Therefore, at this stage, we must rebound on the way down, rather than chasing the quilt on the way back.

The short-term megatrend must be down. The high point is already clear. The market's chasing funds will certainly be restrained, and will not be pulled up one time. This is undoubtedly a solution to the leek.

Therefore, while doing transactions, you must learn psychology, look at the charts, and when can you find out the trend of the main funds, when can the market become a cash machine.

I continued to lie down, and many people asked me, knowing that I want to fall, why not throw them all, and then wait for the low position. I can only say that you are too young.

I have more than 4,000 US dollars in 5 storey warehouses, more than 6,000 US dollars in 8 storeys, more than 8,000 US dollars in 3 storeys, and break through 10,000 US dollars and 5 storeys. When I have more than 12,000, I have 3 storeys. When I drop 10,000 dollars, I will continue to increase my position. This is my current strategy.

As for saying, why not sell it all, because I feel that I can't predict the market, I can only control myself. Control greed and control fear. I mean, if good news comes, bitcoin breaks through $14,000. If you are short, will you chase it? I think you will feel bad, why should smart people bear the pain?

Investment makes me happy, not painful. Therefore, the market can't control it. We can only control our own behavior and let ourselves be comfortable.

Just like chasing up the demon currency, I now see that there is no such thing as an attitude, and I will not chase it up. Every day I am afraid and I don’t know what to pursue. There is also a contract, after doing it, staring at the screen all day is not necessarily able to make money, the probability of losing money is still big, why should we take risks? Of course, it is not impossible to do it, but it is only when there is enough to take me.

Let's analyze the trend from the indicators:

Bitcoin fluctuated within a narrow range in the Bollinger Band, falling below the 5-day line, with the Bollinger Middle Track, receiving a cross, and the Bollinger Band is at around $10,500. The MACD is in the form of a dead fork, but still at a high level, but has fallen. The trend is mainly weak in the short term; KDJ has fallen to a low level, and the RSI has rebounded slightly. In the short term, it will be dominated by shocks and may continue to fall tomorrow.

If Bitcoin can't stand on the 5th line today, then it is more likely to continue to fall tomorrow. Don't intervene in the short term, unless there is a sharp drop, there will be a bottom-up space and no bargain-hunting. Don't do it easily.

The trend of ETH is weaker, and it falls to the lower rail of Brin. The Bollinger Band may have an opening. The DIF of MACD is also near the 0 axis. It is relatively weak. KDJ and RSI have also reached a low level, which is very weak overall.

ETH's gains are limited. If you can't recover half of the Yinxian entity, it may be a big move to continue to fall. You need to be vigilant to continue to fall, and around $250 may be the next low.

EOS showed a small rebound, but it was weaker. Compared with the decline, it was still a big gap. In the short term, it was still dominated by weak linkages. The MACD accelerated down at the lower end of the 0-axis, the Bollinger line opened, and the price remained at the lower rail. The downtrend did not reverse and needed continuous observation.

On the whole, the rebound is not established. It is necessary to continue to observe the trend. It is still more to watch and move less. The timing of the bargain-hunting has not arrived. Look at the trend in the second half of the day, and then make decisions, and follow the attention of the public.

This article data source: QKL123