PCHAIN ​​Cao Feng: Efficiency is the source of the rise of PoS, P2P communication will become the efficiency bottleneck of multi-chain architecture

Babbitt reported on the scene that on July 12th, the "Bystack Flint Plan – Consensus Node Recruitment Global Bank" event was held in Shenzhen. PCHAIN ​​founder Cao Feng said in the sharing of "Multi-chain Staking Technology and Challenges" that PoW is still the best decentralized algorithm, no one. The rise of PoS lies in the need for efficiency in the blockchain. Entrepreneurs often try to balance efficiency and decentralization with third-generation PoS featuring random algorithms and communication compression. In the Staking economy, both nodes and voters need to consider cost, return, security, and ease of maintenance. In addition, regarding the multi-chain architecture like the original chain and PCHAIN, Cao Feng believes that there will be two challenges, one is the message communication mechanism, and the other is the need to achieve a random, fair and verifiable balance. In the former case, when the multi-chain architecture reaches 256, P2P communication will become an efficiency bottleneck. Therefore, the P2P layer needs to be modified in the multi-chain architecture.