More than the original chain CTO: "One main multi-sided architecture" is a solution for the impossible triangle than the original chain Bystack

Babbitt reported on the scene that on July 12th, the "Bystack Flint Plan – Consensus Node Recruitment Global Bank" event was held in Shenzhen. Compared with the original chain CTO, the company said that it is the ultimate solution to the impossible triangle than the original Bystack platform – "one main multi-sided architecture", the main chain PoW consensus guarantees decentralization, and the side chain BBFT mechanism pursues high effectiveness. Thereby achieving three characteristics: 1. Main side isolation, to achieve risk isolation; 2. Side side isolation, side chain business, privacy, value, etc. to achieve isolation; 3. Federal management, to achieve compliance and custom management mode. In sharing, Langyu shared his understanding of the side chain. The side chain should have four characteristics: 1. No new currency, no value creation, only value; 2. Instrumentality, better scalability and More efficient processing; 3. Gateway, need to link different chains of "homogeneous" and "heterogeneous"; 4. Regional "transparent", requires mutual trust of participants, and has perfect management capabilities.