Currency watch platform heavy online legal currency transactions, trading global vision further

Today, the currency viewing platform OTC legal currency trading zone has been fully opened, and currently supports point-to-point legal currency transactions of BTC, USDT, ETH and BCH. This is another important upgrade in the currency of the transaction after the aggregation transaction. In 2016, the currency saw the first OTC legal currency trading model in Asia, and was praised by the majority of users as “bitcoin trading artifact”, which was extremely popular in the industry. After more than three years, the currency watch platform re-launched the OTC legal currency transaction, strictly selected merchants from the old merchants, and at the same time, the product risk control upgrade, users and traders need KYC and face verification to buy and sell. During the promotion period, it was also the welfare feedback for the “zero” handling fee of the OTC transaction. It is reported that in 2018, I saw the B round financing of Bitcoin and IDG.