Vidy co-founder: Vidy's technology costs are much lower than Brave and have partnered with more than 50 web publishers

On the afternoon of July 12th, the Vidy project used the guest node ChainNode to perform AMA. When comparing the Vidy and Brave projects, Vidy co-founder and Asia Pacific CEO Matthew Lim said that Brave is a good project, but the main drawback of its model is the cost of convincing users to switch from Chrome, Safari and IE to the Brave browser. Extremely high. Conversion costs are incredibly high and can be difficult to scale. And Vidy is a very smart back-end technology, the SDK is only less than 1kb, and a few lines of code are pasted into the HTML of the website. Users will not need to download any new applications or extensions, they only need to open the original daily browsing page to experience the Vidy function. Due to Vidy's advantages and technology, Vidy will be the virtual currency VidyCoin in the traditional web media, bringing new traffic to virtual currency, presented in front of millions of traditional Internet users in the world. As long as a website has our SDK, users of the website can see Vidy videos and earn VidyCoin as a reward after watching. As of today, Vidy has partnered with more than 50 well-known network publishers across the country, with more than 3 billion page views per month and over 150 million unique visitors. AMA link: