QQ Coin VS Libra | Brilliant Past VS Tortuous Future

Last month, Facebook’s global release of the issue of the release of Libra coins has successfully attracted global attention. In just a few days, with the 2.3 billion users of Facebook, Facebook successfully completed the concept of a virtual currency in the world.

Many friends around me asked me, this Libra, and the Tencent QQ coin that we played before, what is the difference? The same is the online currency, we played it more than 10 years ago, now Xiaozao play again? In fact, there is really a big difference between the two, but it is easy to confuse. Next, let me talk about the similarities and differences between the two.

QQ currency, brilliant past


Talking about QQ coins, I want to be a post-80s person, have special feelings for it, and have nostalgic feelings. Probably around 2004, QQ show and QQ space are popular. At that time, I would like to add my other friends. First of all, if I look at the QQ show of the other party, I can enter my own eyes. At that time, the QQ show, as much as the current beauty camera, is an important image of the online world. I remember that I would charge the QQ coins at the time, to change my favorite QQ clothes to a favorite dress, with beautiful hair, necklaces, backpacks and so on. QQ coins can also be used to decorate QQ space and display their own dynamics, such as buying skins, pendants, etc.

QQ is the most popular social tool at the time. QQ show and QQ space are the most representative application scenarios. Along with the popularity of the game, there have been many people who have privately purchased QQ currency exchange events. The state's supervision has stifled the rapid development of QQ coins, and finally only banned it in Tencent's ecology , and did not expand the scope of use and application scenarios. With the continuous development of the network and the iteration of new games, QQ coins have gradually faded out of people's horizons. However, the QQ coin of the year was the first cornerstone for the Tencent Empire, and played a pioneering role in the expansion of the Tencent Empire. Moreover, it has successfully demonstrated various game application scenarios and promoted the development of the domestic game industry. Its brilliance was the product of the era of the early development of the Internet and the epitome of it. In a sense, it was a summary of "the right place and the right place."

The similarities between QQ coins and Libra


QQ coins and Libra are almost 16 years apart, but the two do have similarities.

First of all, the use of both is based on social application scenarios.

At that time, QQ coins had more than 200 million users, and they crossed the limits of national borders and were the world's leading social tools.

Needless to say, today's Facebook, with 2.3 billion users worldwide, is equivalent to one-quarter of the world's people using Facebook, covering all kinds of mainstream languages ​​around the world, perfect across national borders. This laid a solid foundation for the birth and development of Libra.

Second, the two will exercise the means of payment of money.

Along with the popularity and wide acceptance of QQ coins, many people use it privately for trading and currency swaps, which once made it a successful use of Tencent's usage scenarios. At that time, there was already a conversion ratio of QQ coins and RMB in the private sector, and over-the-counter transactions were also extremely hot. Many of the cards that sell QQ coins are sold out, because they are being bought in large quantities to exchange RMB and earn the difference.

When Libra came out, he announced that he would become a world-class currency and create a new monetary and financial system for the benefit of all mankind. Especially for countries and regions where electronic payments are weak, Libra wants to help them achieve fast transfers and payments to facilitate their lives.

Therefore, both of them have served as a means of payment in money.

Both are based on social interaction, but the role played is not limited to social interaction.

The difference between QQ currency and Libra

It seems that the two are very similar, but the two have the most essential difference.

First, the most essential difference is that the QQ currency released by Tencent is a centralized electronic payment method, and the underlying technology is the Internet. Centralization means that only Tencent Empire can independently decide whether to issue or destroy QQ coins, and apply scenarios. QQ coins were born in 2002 at that time, which was a period of rapid development of the Internet in China, and it was in the early days. With the rise of online chat, the Internet is more focused on the transmission of information, and does not put too much energy on security factors. Therefore, hacking at the time was a very easy and common occurrence.

Along with the explosive growth of QQ and the popularity of QQ coins nationwide, under the supervision of China, Tencent finally put QQ coins in Tencent's application ecosystem, mainly based on games, and did not expand the application scenarios. If there is no domestic regulation, QQ currency should expand the application scenario, let users and partners trust it, and its underlying Internet technology can not meet the trust mechanism.

But Libra is different. After a lapse of 16 years, the development of the Internet has entered the second half, and the information Internet is realizing the transformation of the value Internet. In the era of this transformation, Facebook seized the opportunity to use the blockchain as the underlying technology , using the decentralization of the blockchain and the tampering of data to create Libra. It is precisely because of blockchain technology that Libra can arrogantly claim to be a global financial system with a new monetary system and foundation. Libra is interested in providing users with convenience while ensuring the secure transmission of information and the effective protection of trust mechanisms. It is also because of the trust mechanism built by the blockchain that Libra can plan to recruit more than 100 nodes around the world before it is released, as a think tank and consortium behind it. The range of nodes is very wide, and the current participation is in the world's leading institutions.

The underlying technology is the foundation of the product. It determines the nature and development of the product and is the source of the product life cycle and vitality.

Second, the meaning of the birth of the two is different.

The birth of QQ coins is more to make Tencent win in the trend of chat tools at that time, and promote the development of Tencent. Its popularity has played an important role in the explosive growth of QQ. It has made QQ popular, and finally made QQ become the veteran product of the domestic Internet development, and laid the cornerstone for the development and rise of Tencent Empire. Therefore, QQ coins helped Tencent to lay down the country, which is its great hero in the north and south.

The birth of Libra is to make the world's hottest Facebook into the digital currency field, so that Facebook can successfully transform from social shackles to financial upstarts. In this era, it has great ambition and ambition. Xiaoza is not only to let Facebook help global users to resolve their emptiness, loneliness and loneliness, but also to enable Facebook users to achieve instant cross-border payment and value storage, allowing users to achieve a win-win situation in social and wealth, let their own The business empire has not fallen. Therefore, Libra's advent is more to consolidate Facebook's strengths, and on this basis to open up new areas, to harvest more areas of partners and strategic breakthroughs.

Libra, a tortuous future

Libra, born to be the king. But since ancient times, the king’s path of growth has been full of obstacles.

The US Congress has already stopped Libra, and the G8 Group has become a special working group. Currency issuance has always been a national patent . Libra, as the product of the world's first corporate currency issue, plans to promote a non-sovereign currency on a global scale, which is a precedent in human history. It wants to face The challenge is also imaginable. However, this is undeniable that it will bring enormous economic and social value.

The growth of the king is destined to be long and full of hardships. It is these twists and turns that will allow Libra to find the growth path that suits them best after experiencing the pain of growth.

The road is long and obstructive, but full of expectations.