Hei: The “Abandon and Destroy the BNB held by the team” program will better encourage the team to struggle.

On July 12, the currency An Heyi said on Weibo that if the currency becomes: 60% of the tokens are sent to the market to raise funds for the company's development, the remaining 40% is gradually destroyed by 20% of the company's profits to ensure Market deflation, token appreciation, the team's personal holding token is 0, no tokens can be cashed in the secondary market, so you still send coins? Can you build a world-class team? This is the currency of today. Will the future of the currency be different from before? In the past, there was a crisis in the currency: after all the tokens belonging to the team were unlocked in 4 years, the core members of the team were satisfied with the status quo and lacked fighting spirit. The current solution, the team will lock the tokens that the team belongs to, and after the continuous destruction, everyone can only rely on the currency to do better to get more users, let more people use BNB, to create more profits and continue to fight. It is. According to previous news, the company announced that it will abandon the BNB share held by the team and add it to the quarterly destruction plan.