Mao Wen: Blockchain technology can help better solve the problem of consent of human genetic resources providers

According to the China Business News, the Regulations on the Administration of Human Genetic Resources of the People's Republic of China, which came into effect on July 1, stipulates that the collection of human genetic resources in China should be informed in advance of the collection purpose, collection purposes, and health potential of human genetic resource providers. Impact, personal privacy protection measures and their right to participate in voluntary and unconditional withdrawal at any time, with the written consent of the provider of human genetic resources. Mao Wen, director of the Precision Medicine Program of the World Economic Forum, told reporters that how to promote international cooperation without breaking the law is what we have to do. The global vision of the World Economic Forum can help promote cross-border, cross-enterprise, cross-disciplinary cooperation, such as medical and AI, 5G integration; blockchain technology can also help to better solve the problem of informed consent.