Gao Jian, former deputy president of China Development Bank, said: Big data, cloud computing, blockchain, etc. all have a relationship with the digital economy.

According to the interface news, recently, the former deputy governor of the CDB head office and economist Gao Jian said in an interview that history and culture are important resources for urban development, such as Beijing and Suzhou. The development trajectory of these cities may give us other history in China. Famous cities provide very important experience. We extract new things from the elements of these historical cultures, and then merge with our modern factors to form new developments. No matter whether it is development now or in the future, we can't do the old processing industry. We want the elements of cultural and healthy social development, so we must integrate better with history and culture. We also need new elements in the field of science and technology. For example, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, 5G, AI, all of which are related to the digital economy.