Starting today, the game between Bitcoin and the traditional world goes to the next stage.

Yesterday, there was one thing that swept the social media in the domestic and foreign currency circles. Perhaps it was not just the currency circle. It should be said that all the social media of technology and finance were screened. That is: the US President evaluated Bitcoin.

Of course, Trump’s evaluation method is still “tweet”. What do you say about Trump’s three tweets? You can look directly at the original picture. If you are too lazy to read or can’t read it, you can look directly at the picture. to sum up:

"To sum up, Trump's three tweets talked about three things: Bitcoin, Libra, and the US dollar. Of course, Bitcoin and Libra are all set to bring out Trump's "making the dollar great again." It shows that Trump's comments are almost entirely criticized by him. This time Trump's critics not only have criticisms of opposing party Democrats, but also cryptocurrency supporters and Libra supporters." ( Babbit)

I sent Weibo and said something that everyone can understand. That is, Trump said: Bitcoin is air, Libra is air, and only the dollar is the real currency.

On the same day, the Fed chairman said: Bitcoin is the same value reserve as gold, but people should probably give up gold. And Facebook's currency will certainly cause a certain scale effect.

Of course, you may have to ask if you don't know the truth. Why do the most powerful people in the free world and the top institutions in the modern financial system pyramid evaluate Bitcoin on the same day?

The answer is actually Facebook's Libra, which caught their attention and discussion.

In fact, when Facebook announced their cryptocurrency plan, I said that this is not the same thing, but it will make the group at the top of the world pyramid see that the cryptocurrency has penetrated into their circle. And this momentum is no longer able to stop, so they will pay attention to this matter. Is it good or bad for Bitcoin? no one knows. The benefits are not a lot of big money, not bitcoin, maybe just simply don't know. After this round of popularization, more big people will join the bitcoin market, and natural prices will rise. The bad place is that the current cryptocurrency market is still too weak, and it is easy for capital to hit a direction we don't want to see.

Interestingly, however, Trump praised the dollar, but the chairman of the US dollar’s ​​issuer, the Federal Reserve, did not agree with Trump’s opinion. Fed Chairman Powell talked about the original words of Bitcoin:

“Almost no one pays with bitcoin. They use it more to replace gold. This is a value store; it's a speculative way of storing value, just like gold.”

Here, the global cryptocurrency enthusiasts are starting to revel, this is our "imaginary enemy" Fed, actually not bitcoin is the air? Even agree that Bitcoin is the same property as gold?

Not only that, but the Fed’s chairman’s future of dollar hegemony does not seem particularly optimistic. He has begun to worry that the United States will not have only one dollar in the future:

"I think this kind of situation is possible, but we have not seen the full popularity… but this does not mean that this will not happen. Once it happens, the United States will return to the era when there are many different currencies. , the era of the national bank."

In fact, today is a very important day for the currency circle.

In fact, the US President’s evaluation of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies was indeed the first time in history, and the president was only the second US president seen by Bitcoin.

Things are progressing faster than we think. Bitcoin will have four stages in everyone's expectations:

1. They can't see bitcoin.

2. They look down on bitcoin.

3. They started to resist bitcoin.

4. They are forced to accept bitcoin.

Starting today, we have entered the third stage and they are beginning to resist bitcoin. ("They" refer to the upper class of the traditional world, or the vested interests).

Just as you wouldn’t pretend to have a press conference and say “The ant is very annoying”, when a thing is weak and has no influence, no one will think it is worth mentioning. When you often see a thing in the news, it means that it has grown to the point where you can't directly ignore it.

In a later stage, it may not be too long. There are already many trends indicating that at least Wall Street is willing to try to accept bitcoin and cryptocurrency. For example, JP Morgan has already begun to try to issue its own cryptocurrency, Fidelity, Intercontinental Exchange, Nasdaq, etc. Also began to try to enter the bitcoin trading market, Microsoft, Starbucks, Softbank and other well-known large companies have directly invested in bitcoin-related enterprises.

Everything is changing, and what is happening today is nothing more than a manifestation of this change. I believe that in the future, we will hear the name of Bitcoin more and more frequently in the global political and financial crocodile.

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