Vulnerability in Decentralized Transaction Agreement 0x, no financial loss but contract has been deactivated

Will Warren, founder of Decentralized Transaction Agreement 0x, released a blog today saying that a loophole has occurred in the 0x v2.0 Exchange contract. The team has suspended the contract and has not found any property damage. However, this also means that the currently deployed 0x contract cannot currently process transactions and cannot be used. The team is currently reviewing other smart contracts that have been released to ensure that other contracts do not have the same type of vulnerability. Will Warren pointed out that this vulnerability does not affect ZRX tokens, so users do not have to worry about asset losses. Shallot Note: 0X is an open source agreement based on Ethereum for decentralized transactions. The transaction is executed by the Ethereum Smart Contract System, which allows public access and is currently free to use, and any DApp can connect to the contract.