Morgan Creek founder: Bitcoin has no CEO, no way to attend the hearing like Facebook

According to Coin Gape, Morgan Creek founder Anthony Pompliano said in an interview with CNBC: "With Bitcoin, there is no CEO." Earlier, the US Congressional Committee sent a letter to Facebook CEO and two major Libra projects. The person in charge asked them to elaborate and was informed of the company plan behind Libra. Pompliano responded by saying: "(Bitcoin) has no headquarters, you can't write a letter or ask someone to attend the hearing." Pompliano further compared Libra with the Napster incident. Napster is a software that allows free downloads of music files, and was shut down in July 2001 as Napster CEO/founder faced litigation. He said the same thing could happen to Facebook's Libra. He further pointed out that "July 12 is such an important day." The Fed chairman compared the multi-trillion dollar asset, gold, to the value of bitcoin for only 10 and a half years. Most importantly, the US President’s comments on the same day can be said to be the icing on the cake.