Vice President of Calibra Products: Calibra will not be the only wallet for Libra, and we don't want to be the only wallet

According to Techcrunch, Kevin Weil, vice president of Calibra products, said: “If there is fraud or money laundering when there is no government ID for a bank account user accessing Libra services, how does Libra stop?” There is no ID, for example, people in the camp may not, but we want Libra to serve them. So that's one of the reasons why Calibra is not the only option for those who want to participate in the Libra ecosystem… User authentication can be handled by a local operating service provider who has the means to verify the identity of the customer and provide services to people, such as in a face-to-face manner with the customer, even if we do not perform KYC verification on these customers… Calibra will not be the only Libra Wallet, we don't want to be the only wallet. This is one of the reasons why we started to set up the Libra Association as a non-governmental organization. If these operators become members of the Libra Association, then we hope that they will work with the government. More people can issue certificates and they can also Identification and authentication of identity with a new type of information, we hope that this process can solve the last mile problem. "