Xiao Lei: Only by succumbing to the US regulatory system, USDT can avoid the fate of being eliminated.

Financial columnist Xiao Lei issued a paper today, "The United States began to eliminate competitors and pave the way for digital money on Wall Street." The article said that in defending US financial power and the hegemony of the dollar, New York can say that it will "war" with the world without hesitation. . The two social media that Trump recently sent mean that Facebook must take the initiative to accept US regulation and become a "slave" of the dollar system. The reason why the Office of the Attorney General of New York did not kill USDT suddenly was not a solution, but a normal American strategy against competitors. At present, the largest stable currency USDT, if it does not succumb to the US regulatory system, is still naive to continue the confrontation, the consequences may be very miserable. Therefore, various types of stable currency projects that have not passed the US-approved digital currency market will be forced to internal collapse at a certain stage. This is another important flaw in the USDT in addition to the lack of transparency and checks and balances.