Wells Fargo is accused by the community for blocking cryptocurrency transactions and user accounts

Recently, Twitter users said that they tried to bind their Wells Fargo debit card to purchase cryptocurrency on Cash APP or Coinbase, but failed to do so. Based on this, the user asked the Wells Fargo customer service and received a response saying: "Wells Fargo does not allow transactions involving cryptocurrencies." It is reported that a user has previously said: "A few weeks ago, Wells Fargo closed my account without any warning. Their fears are emerging. They can't close my Bitcoin account, a whole generation. I am slowly realizing this fact.” The Wells Fargo Company was founded in 1852 in New York, USA. It is a diversified financial group with total assets of $1.9 trillion. Wells Fargo spokesperson Shelley Miller has previously said that although it is now banned from buying such cryptocurrencies, Wells Fargo will continue to evaluate the issue as the market develops.