Report: After the merger mining, the dog currency calculation power and the Lite currency calculation force showed a strong positive correlation

According to the Research Institute of the Coin Research Institute, Dogs and Dogs adopted a combined mining model in August 2014, which increased the computing power by 1500% in one month. Since then, the correlation coefficient between dog currency calculation and Lite's calculation power is 0.95. “As of July 2019, nearly 90% of the total dog currency was from the large Litecoin mine, and its blockchain processed about 30,000 transactions per day.” Although Dogecoin is not used as a mainstream cryptocurrency, It has a powerful mining pool with almost evenly distributed network power. The report claims that even if the dog currency is merged, the cryptocurrency is still a favorite of miners, sometimes even exceeding the data of Litecoin. Odaily Planet Daily Note: On July 12th, the Institute of Carbon Research released a report that the halving effect of Bitcoin and Litecoin mining rewards can be alleviated by merger mining. The halving of the Litecoin is expected to take place on August 5, 2019. Litecoin founder Charlie Lee predicts that some miners may shut down the Litecoin mining business after the halving of the reward. The Coin Research Institute analyzed the potential of combined mining, saying that combined mining may “potentially provide opportunities” to increase mining incentives. In addition, the report adds that other smaller blockchains may also turn to AuxPoW (Auxiliary Work Permit) to support a higher level of network security while reducing the need for separate mining equipment. Merge mining is the practice of using a blockchain or parent blockchain for other smaller subblockchains by implementing AuxPoW.