BITPoint's second investigation announcement: 3.02 billion yen cryptocurrency outflow through informal channels

Today, Japan's crypto exchange Bitpoint (BPJ) released its second survey of the number and amount of escrow currency being checked. BPJ said that the outflow of cryptocurrency is about 3.02 billion yen (about 28 million US dollars, of which customer deposits are about 2.6 billion yen, BPJ is about 960 million yen). The legal currency entrusted by the customer has not been disclosed and stored securely. BPJ said that it is ascertaining the cause as soon as possible, establishing countermeasures to prevent recurrence, modifying the management system, and taking targeted measures. BPJ has inquired through the exchange system that some of the virtual currency that has flowed out of the overseas virtual currency exchange has been confirmed, but details of the situation are under investigation, but the estimate is about 250 million yen.