Dash CEO: The Chainlock protocol can reduce network attacks by 51%, Dash security or higher than Bitcoin

According to Ambcrypto's July 14 report, recent news about Dash has taken the lead, and it has deployed a protocol called Chainlock that protects Dash networks from 51% attacks or chain reorganization attacks.


Image source: visualhunt

Dash CEO Ryan Taylor recently published a lot of comments about Chainlock, New InstantSend and more in an interview. He first talked about the differences between Dash and other cryptocurrencies, and how it focuses on creating a more seamless "point-of-sale" for users.

By implementing Chainlock on the Dash network, it now instantly settles payments and can be quickly re-used without any risk to the payee.

In the interview, Taylor also talked about the problems faced by the blockchain based on proof of work (PoW). According to him, these blockchains follow the "most work-related" block, and even if there are two potential blocks, they always follow the first block they encounter, one The validity of the block can only be confirmed after the next few blocks are formed in the network.

Then he talked about the project using the checkpoint system, which has its own drawbacks. Taylor said Dash has solved these problems. Dash creates a network that votes on the block itself. It does this through a development layer of a network called Master Nodes. Then, these master nodes randomly select 400 nodes to form a "Quorum". When a block is seen, the members of Quorum will vote. The purpose of voting is to determine the expiration date of a block in order to add it to the network.

A block is only valid if 60% of the members agree. Later, the network will send a message mentioning the details of a block at a certain height, while also telling any other blocks that were rejected.

When asked about the importance of Chainlock and reducing the chance of attack by 51%, Taylor said:

"The cost of attacking a Dash network for an hour is not just about renting a certain amount of computing power like attacking other cryptocurrencies. You must also control the supply of 20% to 25% of the currency in order to launch an attack. This makes Dash the safest." The cryptocurrency is even safer than bitcoin."