Liu Chang used: password currency should be developed first, not quickly applied in various fields

On July 14th, the “How to Make Big Data Energizing SMEs” Forum hosted by China Mobile Communications Federation Blockchain Professional Committee was held in Chongqing. At the forum, Ph.D. in Economics of Peking University and Chongqing Technology and Business University Block Liu Chang, director of the Chain Economic Research Center, proposed that the encryption market is still in the early stage of exploration. A cryptographic asset is a digital asset that is identified and circulated by means of asymmetric cryptography. Its main advantages are security, weak intermediation, programmability, and scalability. Liu Chang analyzes that the functions of cryptographic assets are mainly reflected in value storage, payment methods, system fuel, ecological incentives, and shareholders' rights. Since the beginning of the previous year, there has been a blockchain overheating situation. In the recent period, cryptocurrency, as an important and simple cryptographic asset, should actually be developed first, rather than being applied quickly in various fields.