V God thinks short-term use of BCH and ETC blockchain as ETH data layer

On July 13th, on the Ethereum research blog, Vitalik Buterin issued a message saying that after more than a year, the scalable data layer will become ETH 2.0 because its planned 10 MB / sec data throughput is much higher than that of any existing chain. Blockchain. In the short term, we can begin to study these technologies immediately by using existing blockchains (especially those with a transaction cost per byte lower than ETH) as the data layer. BCH fully complies with this standard for the following reasons: high data throughput, very low cost, all the mechanisms required to validate BCH blocks within ETH, and the BCH community seem to be friendly to people using the BCH chain. The main weakness of the BCH chain is the 10 minute block time. Another option is the ETC chain because it has a faster 14-second block time; however, it has lower scalability than BCH, and verification and other work proves to be much more difficult.