US House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy: Blockchain technology allows users to no longer delegate data to third parties or technology companies

On July 15th, the US House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy issued the article "Don't Count on Government to Protect Your Privacy" in the New York Times. The article mentions: In the current Internet framework, user data is usually controlled by the platform – online consumers leave traces of data, which makes us vulnerable to privacy violations. However, in a decentralized network, our data will be controlled by blockchain encryption. Users will grant and revoke access to data and no longer delegate this responsibility to third parties or technology companies. In addition, this technology will increase competition because the blockchain makes it easier for anyone to create alternative platforms for communication or to provide certain services. Due to the open source nature of blockchain technology, if users feel that their privacy has been violated or their trust has been violated, they are free to transfer their favorite content from the existing platform to the new platform. Accountability is built on the system.