Analysis: Last week's rebound in BTC prices did not trigger more investors to transfer coins to the wallet, which is a short-term risk signal.

On July 15th, OKEx released the latest weekly report: 2019.7.8-7.14. Last week, the Bitcoin (BTC) chain trading activity curve rebounded slightly in the first three trading days. From the perspective of currency price trend, the following days The price of the currency fell, and the activity on the chain also dropped significantly. This is positively related to the rebound in bitcoin prices. Nonetheless, when the currency price was close to the high of the year on Wednesday, the trading activity on the chain was running at a low point in the past quarter, indicating that the price recovery did not trigger more investors to transfer the currency to the wallet. Above, this is a short-term risk signal for the currency price, because there is a relatively large amount of funds that the price rebound may not last. Last week, the Ethereum (ETH) chain trading volume curve fluctuated at a high level, with the highest value being 975,288 ETHs on Thursday and the lowest value being 587,283 ETHs on Saturday.