Weibo users broke the news: Bit China has already rushed heavily to TSMC, ordering 30,000 7-nanometer chips

According to the news of the technology V "mobile phone chip people", Bitcoin has booked a total of 30,000 7-nanometer chips in the third and fourth quarters to TSMC. According to previous rumors that TSMC's 7-nm process 12-inch wafers are priced at nearly $10,000 each, 30,000 tablets mean about $300 million in orders (about 2 billion yuan). In addition, unlike the previous order, TSMC may require Bitcoin to pay a larger percentage of the deposit, and even need to pay the full amount before production. Earlier, it was reported that Bitcoin intends to go public in the US, and if it goes well, they will raise more funds. Bitcoin has not yet made an official response to this.