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I believe that the community friends already know, the "Just Game" released by the Endless Game team "cutting the Hu" tribute blockchain experiment pioneer on July 12 officially supported the IOST main network.

Currently Just Game.VIP has been included in the world's largest DApp platform DappRadar, as of July 12 at 12:00, the flow has reached 5.4 million TRX. (True hot open)

Give the community friends who are eager to play a game link, and experience the game to get early bird rewards:


Tips: Please look for the URL and be careful about the phishing website


For friends who are still unclear, the relationship between Endless Game and IOST has been long.

Last December, IOST's BlueHill Foundation and other investment institutions jointly invested about $7.5 million in blockchain game company Endless Game. After the financing, Endless Game will establish a new business line based on the original business, focusing on the development and distribution of blockchain games.

Blockchain game company Endless Game has 50+ engineers, many game technology fields, and EOS and IOST two public-chain DApp users ranked first DApp.

The head of Endless Game has previously stated that it will deploy existing products on the IOST main network after the IOST main online line, and participate in the IOST main network node partner campaign.

The vernacular says: Endless Game has a game that will be on the IOST main online line. (True Conscience Development Team)

No, Endless Game just announced that JustGame.VIP is online. After supporting TRON, it will be on the IOST main online line.

Xiaobian was woken up by the telephone call in the middle of the night. After receiving the news, she started to search the game with one hand and found the game. It was really interesting.

Game rule analysis

Just Game can be understood as an evolution of Fomo3D games, but can support TRON and IOST. It has the Fomo3D game holding share in exchange for rewards, the final purchase of the award, the countdown flash, but also do more thinking on human nature.

1. "Gift box"

In Just Game, if a player wants to participate in the purchase of a item called "GIFT BOX", it is equivalent to the player's final settlement in the total reward and the chance of winning. The purchase price of the gift box is unchanged. (The price is 50 IOST per box), and the value contained in the purchase is 0. However, the bonus rights represented by the gift box will increase as the new "Gift Box" is purchased or upgraded by other players. The value is getting higher and higher, starting from 0. By the same token, we can speculate that the first to buy a gift box, the higher the profit it will generate during the entire life cycle of the game, the sooner you buy the better.

2. "Reward Distribution"

Just Game has a countdown function. After the game starts, it will enter the 12-hour countdown. Every time someone buys a "Gift Box" or will open a "Gift Box" or upgrade the "Gift Box", the game countdown will increase by 30 seconds. When the countdown is over, The last 100 people who buy the "Gift Box" will share all the rewards of the Just Game game. Of course, the last one can enjoy 5% of the total reward.

Compared to Fomo3D, only one person took the grand prize, and Just Game gave the final prize to 100 people to share. In this way, people who win the prize can come out to share and let more people participate in the game, instead of a million-dollar winner like Fomo3D who dare not show up.

3. "Unpacking in advance"

Another big difference between Just Game and Fomo3D is that it provides a more convenient exit mechanism for speculators. According to the Just Game white paper, anyone who buys a "Gift Box" can double the value of the "Gift Box" if he chooses to quit before the game countdown ends.

Doing so allows speculators to get good returns directly, but also loses the rewards of future game distribution and the chance to win the last hundred prizes.

The benefits of opening the box in advance are automatically calculated based on the current total reward, so there is no problem that the reward amount is insufficient after everyone opens the box. Please remember that the "Gift Box" has a purchase price, but the initial value of the "Gift Box" is 0. Only the new "Gift Box" is purchased, or someone chooses "Gift Box Upgrade" to increase the value of the gift box.

4. "Gift box upgrade"

The "Gift Box" can be opened by the user. When opened, you can get double the value return, or you can be upgraded, or settle the value after the game is over. The so-called upgrade refers to the system to settle the value already contained in the current box, and then use these values ​​to purchase more boxes, which can be understood as "reward and re-investment". The upgraded box contains a value of 0, which requires a resumption of value accumulation, but with more boxes and more equity.

How IOST users experience the game

1. Visit iost.justgame.vip

Just Game is divided into three versions: IOST, TRON, and ETH. In addition to the different wallet plug-ins and gift boxes used, the other game rules are the same, and the three-party games are timed separately.

2. Experience the IOST version, first install the iWallet plugin, and the price of each gift box is 50 IOST.

iWallet plugin wallet tutorial

3. Click START to view the game guide.


4. Click on EARNINGS to purchase the gift box, then you can open the gift box and upgrade the gift box.


5. Copy your own exclusive link in PROMOTE and share it with others. Other players will purchase the gift box through the exclusive link, and 5% of the proceeds will be transferred directly to the current account.


Note: All DApps are developed by third-party teams based on IOST main network. Users are required to experience DApp according to their own risk tolerance. If you have any questions, please contact DApp development team.

Just Game Customer Service WeChat: RainySunine