Bitcoin responded by "predetermining 30,000 7-nanometer chips to TSMC": no comment on market rumors

In response to the news that "the network has been heavily priced by the mainland to reserve 30,000 7-nanometer chips," Bitcoin responded to the media: "The market rumors are not commented." According to previous news, according to the technology V "mobile phone chip up to people" broke, Bitcoin has booked a total of 30,000 7-nanometer chips in the third and fourth quarters to TSMC. According to previous rumors that TSMC's 7-nm process 12-inch wafers are priced at nearly $10,000 each, 30,000 tablets mean about $300 million in orders (about 2 billion yuan). In addition, unlike the previous order, TSMC may require Bitcoin to pay a larger percentage of the deposit, and even need to pay the full amount before production.